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Best way to make online orders is through the mobile app

1. Simply click here         to download the "WIX" App. Once logged in, it should direct you right to our store. If no, you can use INVITE CODE: EWZ1SF. Please use this code to connect to the shop and ordering system.

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2. Download the app and login in using your Facebook, Google account

or Personal Email  address.   

3. Congratulations! Now you can browse the shop, message us and finally make an Order.   

4. Make an order via app or at the website. At the checkout please provide correct details (delivery address, email address, phone number).    

5. Once we received your order, you will get confirmation email. We will be working with your order now. We will get in touch if we need to make any changes (quantities, replacements if something is out of stock, etc).

6. Finally you will get a payment request via email. Please fallow the instruction and submit the payment using Paypal or your card details.   

7. Once payment received we will dispatch your order and let you know how long it will take.   


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